Friday, 15 January 2016

Listening skills...
The most important skill one should possess, if one wants a successful & satisfied life journey is, " Listening skill".
God has given us 2 ears & 1 mouth, hence we should follow the same pattern of listening double & talking half.
Most of the time, people get into sticky situation by the pearls of wisdom they spew from their mouth.
In the movie " Munnabhai MMBS", very well directed by Raju Hirani, in one of the scenes where Sanjay Dutt along with Arshad Warsi & few goons, go to the medical college to take admission for Sanjay's medical degree dream.
They are told by one young parsi Dr that one has to get good percentage in XIIth exam & also one needs to clear the medical entrance test to get admission in medical college.
Arshad asks him , " Tumne yeh exam diya tha?"
The Dr ideally should have said "YES" only , but the motor mouth adds saying " meine toh isme top kiya tha".
This extra pearl of information puts the Dr in trouble as the goons kidnap his father & ask him to appear for medical entrance test on behalf of Sanjay Dutt.
Hence talk less. Talk only when you can better the silence.
Listening is different from hearing.
In hearing, your ears come to know about the words uttered but in "Listening" your soul comes to know about the meaning of the words uttered.
The best way of giving respect to someone is to "Listen".
Most people think that the definition of "Listening " is " waiting for my turn to talk ".
Amitabh had once said that you don't need to worry about acting . If you focus & listen to what the other character is saying , your subconscious mind will control your body in such a responsive way that audience will clap for good acting.
In any relationship, listening is of paramount importance.
When people fight they say he doesn't listen to me. Eg parents. Why can't they say i don't listen to him & that is crux of all relationship challenges.
Listen & Be Delighted .......